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Ard Bán Social Housing Development, Long Lane, Letterkenny

Hamilton Young Architects provided the services as Architect, Employer’s Representative, Assigned Certifier and Design Certifier for the construction of five separate extensions (with a total floor area of 1,915m2), refurbishment of approx. 3000m2 of the existing school buildings, along with significant associated site works and site services. The project was carried out in a live secondary school, which remained in use throughout the contract period. The design team and the contractor liaised closely with the school authorities to carefully manage the works in order to minimise potential hazards and ensure the school continued to operate with a minimum of disruption.


The works consisted of the construction of five new separate extensions to the main school building, with a total combined floor area of approximately 1,975 sq.m..  There are four single storey extensions and one large extension which is part single storey and part two storey.


The works also comprised significant alterations and refurbishment works to the main school building and the PE Hall building, including the removal of asbestos materials by an asbestos removal contractor. The works to the existing school buildings included the replacement of all windows , north lights and external doors, replacement of the ceilings, upgrading the existing roofs on the main school building, replacement of the asbestos cement roof on the PE hall building, redecoration of the school internally and externally.  The works also included the complete upgrading of all the existing toilets and all the existing specialist subject rooms.


The project also comprised a significant amount of external works.  The external works comprised:

  • A new re-aligned 7.5m wide access roadway with footpaths, a new 66 space car park and a new school bus drop off/pick up area, all within the school grounds.
  • A new 7m wide lay-by along the public road.The lay-by included new footpaths and a traffic island with a steel barrier.
  • The demolition of the existing front boundary wall and construction of a new boundary wall with pedestrian and vehicular gates.
  • Reconfiguring the ground levels at the front of the school in order to allow the proposed extension to be constructed at the same floor level as the existing school building.
  • Provision of 5no. new hard play ball courts.
  • Construction of new and replacement concrete paths around parts of the existing school.
  • New bicycle stands etc.
  • New landscaping around the school grounds.
  • Provision of new external signage.
  • Demolition of the existing 4 classroom prefab building beside the car park. Miscellaneous site services.
  • Removal of existing evergreen trees along part of the western site boundary and installation of a new palisade fence.

The project also included the construction of a large temporary office/classroom structure to facilitate the construction. The temporary building was removed at the end of the works.

Client Department of Education and Skills
Architect Hamilton Young Architects
C&S Consultant PUNCH Consulting Engineers
M&E Consultant Heavy Kenny Associates
Quantity Surveyor Colm D’Arcy & Co.
Main Contractor PJ McLoughlin & Sons, Longford
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