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Church of Mary Immaculate

Grange, Co. Sligo


The parish church of Grange, Co. Sligo dates back more than 120 years. The main structure has remained although the original triple ridged roof visible in historic photos was replaced with a single low-pitched A-framed roof.


As conservation architects Hamilton Young were engaged to oversee a restoration of the church which was suffering from inadequate heating, rising damp, mould, and timber rot. The problems identified included, amongst others, the cement render on the exterior of the building which had stopped evaporation of damp, the closing of underfloor vents which lead to rot, and inadequate ventilation in the roof which caused the roof structure to sweat.


A major programme of works was undertaken to eliminate these issues, including the entire re-rendering of the exterior of the church with a breathable lime based render and the re-roofing of the church with Blue Bangor slate.

Client Grange Parish Council
Project Lead Hamilton Young Architects
Main Contractor Jim Currid Construction
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