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St Matthew’s Church, Irishtown

Irishtown, Dublin

St Matthew’s Church of Ireland is a historic building in the heart of Irishtown, dating back to 1706 when the foundation stone was laid by Archbishop William King. When the church was consecrated and opened is unknown but was likely in 1709 when a final payment of £10 was made by the Archbishop in August of that year. The graveyard contains a number of large family plots with historic connections to the locality.

We have designed and overseen a number of projects at the church including a restoration of the interior, the introduction of a modern insertion to provide a children’s room (which doubles as a creche during the week) and social facilities. The most remarkable, seemingly minor, change was the restoration of the original entrance lobby following decades of it being used as a kitchen. This has fundamentally transformed how the parishioners and visitors use the church, bringing the church back into life as a community building by reengaging with the street.

Client Church of Ireland
Project Lead Hamilton Young Architects
Main Contractor CRM Construction
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